Team 2 / Week 3

Despite windy conditions and brisk temperatures ACE Team 2 braved the Chicago night on November 18th to visit a construction site managed by Turner; luckily the building was totally enclosed and nearing completion! This site visit to Illinois Masonic’s new hospital building was especially exciting as some of our returning students, all seniors at various high schools, visited the building in 2013 when construction had just begun. There were many new spaces to observe, lots of new finishes and interesting patient rooms. Two linear accelerators (or LINACs), located deep in the basement, were on the list of most intriguing sights. Surrounded by eight foot thick walls on all sides and an equally deep ceiling, we learned about the amount of coordination required to build the space for and install such a large piece of equipment.
Site Tour Team Picture
This site visit was a great opportunity for students and mentors, alike, to experience a unique building prior to its completion.




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