ACE Team 7 Recap

Hi all!

Things have been taking shape regarding Team 7’s final project. Not only have we picked a project, but we have also visited the site, worked on bubble diagrams and possible layouts, and stacking diagrams. Our project this year will be a Wellness Center, inspired on the busy lives of Chicagoans and how we all need a place to relax, exercise and take care of ourselves. Our project will be located in the South Loop, and will consist of several floors of amenities that will allow everybody options to nurture themselves and grow.

Last week though, we took a break from the project and worked on a bridge building activity that included a budget, timeline and even some union strikes! The bridges built by the groups had to comply with a certain design and structural criteria to win. Guess what? We all won! We had to bring an exterior consultant to break the tie by picking the bridge he thought more “attractive”.

This week we are back on the project track and will start looking at possible massing options and circulation strategies for the schemes. We will start merging the various ideas into one, winning design. We will also take some time to look at the scholarship applications, explain everything to students and start filling them out here.

Below some photos of our bridge building, as one of the judges performs a structural test on one of the models.

photo 3

More on the project to come next week!

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