Design Build – Week 04 – Design Development

Student Summary:

Last week we have been working very hard to finish scale models and structural designs for the two models. However, since they haven’t decided which project will proceed to be built, the students on the team will continue to work the same process for both models. Randy Herbsman came in to talk to us about what is good and wrong about our projects. We all took notes and used them to make the designs better. Not only that, we also visited our new site on Pulaski and took some measurements for if the project will be located there. We also visited the Center of Green Technology which gave us ideas about using light.

Weekly Progress/Observations:

*Randy Herbsman came in to speak to us

– structural engineer (what he does as a career)

basic structural concepts

  • compression
  • tension
  • bending
  • shear
  • torsion

different loads

  • live —> moving
  • dead —> no move

Discussion of different structural components

  • foundations (system)
  • beams and colums
  • floors
  • roofs
  • walls

Physics and Math


Hands model:

  • 3-6 in diameter steel tubes
  • welding will be hard
  • 3-4 ft concrete foundation
  • steel plates with anchor bolts on top of foundation

Similarities between both projects

  • Made of steel
  • concrete foundation
  • anchor bolts and steel plates
  • 3 in for both


  • Height and length
  • man= 3 foundations while hands= 1 foundation

What we did:

  • worked on budget and schedule
  • scale models
  • structural designs
  • visited new site
  • visited P.R. flag
  • Center of Green Technology

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