Meeting Five: Bridge Construction Activity

December 14, 2015: Meeting Five: AECOM Introduction and Bridge Construction Activity

Today students and mentors met at AECOM to learn about the cool architecture, engineering, and construction projects AECOM works on around the world. The students competed in a bridge construction competition, where they were given a schedule and a budget to construct a bridge. The bridge had to support the weight of a soda can, have a 3″x3″ box fit inside, and have a 2″x2″ skylight. The students had to purchase materials from the “store”, and learned how to deal with a change order from the client. In the end, Team Dark Hair won with their suspension-style bridge! See the photos of the meeting below!

Students working on their bridge design

Mentors working at the “store” with the crazy store manager in orange

Team Dark Hair’s winning bridge presentation!

P.S. Photos from Meeting Four will be up soon!


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