What can you do to help support the ACE program?

The economic impacts of the current Covid-19 pandemic has burdened many of the families of students we serve. Internships have been rescinded, leaving them without a way to help support their families. These young people need us even more in this challenging economy. 

Opportunities at the corporate level

We regularly receive inquiries from firms who want to partner with us to support young people in Chicago.  Here are some ways you can help:

Support our Scholarships

In 2020, we awarded $185,000 in college scholarships to high school students and an additional $80,000 to college-aged alumni. Now, more than ever, low-income students need additional support. Our net fundraising proceeds go directly to student scholarships.

Host an ACE Mentor intern

We place high school students in paid summer internships. Firms can participate, even if they don’t volunteer with ACE during the school year. Internships are one of the most meaningful ways to help teens transition from high school to careers.

Post jobs for ACE Alumni

We have an Alumni network to provide jobs and internships for ACE students in college and beyond. Send ACE your internship and job postings and we’ll make sure our Alumni see them. Especially in this challenging job market, our network is critical.

Host a Mentor Team

Virtual Mentoring for the 2020-21 school year is currently underway. Once back in person, we hope to expand our number of program teams and accept new firms. We will keep a list of interested Mentor volunteers for when in-person programming continues.

For more information about supporting the ACE Mentor Program please contact our Executive Director, Krisann Rehbein / 773.301.9645

Make a personal donation to ACE Chicago

With your help, we can continue creating viable career paths in the building industry for a diverse group of talented students.

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