Team 1 + Week 13

There’s a lot of coordination going on right now.  So, we’re starting to get parts of a building decided and designed.  We’re moving columns, punching windows, and modeling new spaces.  It’s looking good, but we still have a lot to do to keep on track for our March 14th deadline!  That means that we only really have 2 more weeks to work in our scheduled ACE meeting before spending the last meeting to format our presentation.  Never underestimate the time it takes to format things.  Omg – seriously you think you’re done and them, BAM, you could literally work for an entire additional week making everything just so.  Plus, you don’t want to have an awesome project, and a crappy presentation.  So – ANY work that you guys can work on outside of the meetings would help us out like crazy!!

Next week we’re going to continue working in our presentation groups, we should push ahead in coordinating everything that we can so that it looks like we’re all working on the same project together!  (Because we are.  At least I think no one has gone rogue yet – nonetheless I’m keeping an eye out.)  Remember these are the things we’re working on producing for our presentation:

  • Site Plan
  • Architectural Plans for Floors 1-3
  • Sections
  • 3D Model Images
  • Structural Engineering Diagrams
  • MEP Space Planning
  • Sustainability Diagram
  • Budget Estimates
  • Construction Schedule / Feasability
  • Construction Logistics Plan
  • Technology Section / Plan

In addition to the fun things happening in our weekly ACE meeting, I hope everyone considers taking the annual trip to University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on Saturday, March 15.  If you do this, not only do you get to spend a Saturday hanging out on the college campus for fun (campus is much less fun when you have a final the next day) but you area able to tour the architecture and engineering facilities, attend open houses, and see what the college experience is all about.  Here is some additional information about the trip 🙂. If you’d like to go, print off this here permission slip, get a legal guardian to sign it, seal it, and deliver it to one of your trusty mentors by Thursday, March 13.  Hope you can make it!

Next Meeting:

Thursday, February 27

VOA Office @ 224 South Michigan Avenue, Floor 14

Time 5:00-7:00

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