Team 1 + Week 14

If we were really in studio, we’d be about to pull some all-nighters…lets load up on the coffee friends.  We’ve got one more meeting to try and get all the drawings done that we can!!  (And some time outside of ACE for all you wonderful overachievers!)  I unfortunately had to miss ACE last week for my own project deadline, however, I spoke to the team and this is where we stand:

  1. Site Plan – needs to be colored, labeled, and have entourage added
  2. Architectural Plans for Floors 1-3 – floors 1 & 3 need final coordination and color, Floor 2 needs to be drafted, coordinated, and colored
  3. Sections – update sections per new floor plans, add color
  4. 3D Model Images – finalize 2-3 images for boards – finish any modeling to make these look bad-a!
  5. Structural Engineering Diagrams – finalize design for system, complete modeling
  6. Sustainability Diagram – figure out sustainable materials and approaches for this building – find images to incorporate into our presentation board
  7. Budget Estimates – take a last past to tidy this up from last week, this is close
  8. Construction Schedule / Feasibility – again, close to being done, finalize details
  9. Construction Logistics Plan – finalize architectural plans, and coordinate from there

Also, a big thank you to the students who were able to make it out to the ACE Luncheon last Friday!  Christian, Alex, Dustin, Brittney, Irene, Matt, Patty – thanks for representing Team 1 – I proudly shed a single tear for you guys, it was very dramatic.  I know getting out of school and getting a fancy free meal is fun now…and trust me, it’s just as much fun 10 years later to leave work for a free meal too 😉  Not only that, but ACE has been overactive this year in raising money for scholarships, putting together summer build programs, and offering PAID summer internships.  I hope all of you will consider applying for at least one of these three benefits – we’ll put more information on the blog when we get it!

Remember, if you’re interesting in going on the University of Illinois field trip, we need your permission slips by March 13.  Otherwise, keep rocking on our library, we’re getting close!!

Next Meeting:

Thursday, March 6

VOA Office @ 224 South Michigan Avenue, Floor 14

Time 5:00-7:00

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