Team 1 + Week 3

I fell asleep after eating turkey and forgot to post the blog.  To be honest, I don’t remember much of the last week – I guess that’s what happens when you eat an entire 20 lb. turkey by yourself.  And yes, I have sent a message to Joey Chesnutt challenging him to a Thanksgiving meal eating contest.  There has been no reply…yet.  I do remember the last ACE meeting though.

It was a cold, rainy evening, where toothpicks and index cards were ridiculously expensive, and hot glue flowed like liquid gold.  Dividing up into teams, the groups took on the role of a construction management team by balancing cost, profit, quality, and time in the construction of a structure required to support a Coke can.  You even juggled a change order, which brought about a design detour, and effected both budgeting and schedule.  While all teams were able to support the weight of that sweet red can, the most successful project was able to please the client by spending the least amount of money, while getting the most value for what was spent.

Congrats winners of the Construction Project: Sabas, Leonardo, Jonathan, Patty!

This project exemplifies a lot of the priorities that construction companies have to manage, and can sometimes be like herding cats – making sure that they stay on schedule, with the budget allotted, and produce a project that is the level of quality expected of them.  And there is always something that goes wrong, a water main breaks, a type of brick isn’t available, or the electrical guy is just soooooooooo slow.  The construction management team makes sure that all these things are under control.

I know you guys are thrilled to be back to ACE again after a nice T-giving break (I know I missed it too) so get pumped to circle back around to talk about Engineering piece of the pie again – we’ll get a little more specific – which will hopefully help me understand how these darn buildings stay upright.  See you soon!

Next Meeting:

Thursday, December 5

Sargent & Lundy Office @ 55 East Monroe Street, Floor 35

Time 5:00-7:00

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