Team 2 – Project Update

Over the past few weeks, the design teams have been finalizing the details of the building and communication between each group has been crucial. Each group has a delegate assigned to work out design/execution issues during the coordination meetings.  The students are learning that sketches and diagrams are helpful when relaying information between the groups.


The structural group has completed a framing system and has moved on to design of floor slabs. As shown in the picture below, the structural group used straws to model how the framing system goes together.



The MEP group has designed the building to be energy efficient and has developed a schedule of items on the project such as solar panels, tank-less water heaters, and kinetic tiling.

The architecture group has developed a Building Information Model (BIM) as a way to relay the concept to the rest of the groups. As requests for information (RFIs) are asked by other groups, the architects have been providing information and clarification relating to the design choices.
Over the past two weeks, the construction group has worked on putting together a schedule and logistics plan for each phase of construction. Pull planning was introduced to the students as a way of listing activities on sticky notes and seeing how each activity goes together. The logistics plan was developed on a software called BlueBeam which allowed for the students to mark-up a site plan and show where important construction material and equipment will be placed.


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