Team 2 + Week 13

Ah, again, a meeting I wish I wouldn’t have missed.  It’s always fun watching the blind leading the blind, especially when it comes to mixing food coloring and water.  And Construction 201 did just that!

Practicing for coloring the river maybe??

The activity emulating the construction process established a chain of command where each member of the team could only speak to certain other people, and in the end, a blindfolded team member could only listen to one person in mixing blue water and yellow water to form the perfect shade of green.  The perfect shade of green though is a widely debatable subject, I’m a little favorable to a more light, lime green, but “perfect,” in this case, was a little more Kelly-green.   Nonetheless, I nitpick.  While I wasn’t at the meeting, I hear it was a fun activity and I wish I could have been there to participate.  I also shed a tear in that I wasn’t able to tour the Helios studio space and mill-work shop, so if anyone took any pictures while there, I’d love to get a copy and put them onto the blog.

I also realize that I haven’t been putting a lot of cat stuff up here lately, and I’m sorry for my digression.  They say cats don’t like modern architecture but I say who cares, I’m the one buying the meow mix.


CANNON DESIGN office @ 111 West Washington Street, Suite 2100  (Cannon’s map)

The blue line stop is the closest, but there are more nearby, plus a million bus stops. Let us know if you need help getting here!

4:30 – 6:30 on 7 February  

More exploring…hope not too many of you got lost locating a new meeting destination last week, because get ready, we’re going somewhere else again this next week.  Our first meeting in February is going to be our Engineering 201 time, complete with another problem solving activity and more info on general Engineering practice and technique.  This meeting will also act as the beginning of the end (ominous sounding huh?) of the final design project.  You guys are making time go by so fast and now I’m getting all emotional…I mean, I’ll see you all for the next educational gathering 🙂

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