Team 2 + Week 16

I’M GETTING SO EXCITED!  (So excited in fact, that I totally forgot to take pictures last meeting, sry.)  Seriously guys, this building is starting to come together, and it’s moving fast.  I hope you all understand that we have 4 more meetings, a total of 8 hours to put this project together…that’s NOT a lot of time, considering that it will take at least 2 hours alone to put all this information together into an actual organized presentation.  There is going to start accumulating a lot of “homework” here pretty soon if you don’t use your time wisely during the meeting: make impulsive decisions, do things even if you don’t know they’re right, there’s no better way to learn.  While we’ve made some headway, there’s a lot to do still:

Next meeting:

Goettsch Partners office @ 224 South Michigan Ave, Floor 17

4:30 – 6:30 on 28 February

Next week is more production in our groups with your mentor/mentors.  Here is where we stand and what we think needs to get done by the end of the next meeting:

Architecture:  Finalize floor plans: at least in sketch-form and begin putting them in AutoCAD.  This is CRUCIAL to hammer down because the engineers and construction management groups need this information before they can really begin their work.  Also, have a good start on the context and site plans in both the physical and 3-D models.  Also, everyone needs to start thinking about what materials they want on this building; this is going to influence the construction group’s scheduling and cost analysis, and though we don’t have a particular person assigned to work on this, EVERYONE should have an opinion and input.

Arch. Group: Here are some sites we talked about that have great work of what we’re trying to portray in our building.  Granted we’re not going to be producing anything near as crazy, but take a look, if nothing else, they’re definitely inspirational:

Construction: Begin putting plan information into chosen program to begin calculating cost analysis and scheduling.  Much information used in the construction group is highly dependent on the decisions made by both the architects and engineers.

Engineering: Have fairly accurate calculations for MEP size and space requirements.  Also, structure recommendations are going to be needed, though this will change with any architectural alterations that occur.  In addition, environmental analysis will be starting to be recorded (like the activity we did in the meeting a couple weeks ago).  Any information gathered from this may be told to the architects to adjust building efficiency.

(If any of the other professions want me to put anything on the blog, just lemme know, and I’ll be happy to plop up some links :))

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