Team 2 + Week 3

No meeting next week!


Week 3 Recap

Who doesn’t like spending a nice quiet night walking around a cold parking lot in downtown Chicago?  Brrrr… anyways I hope everyone warmed up after our site visit on Tuesday night.  It was deffinitely a little chilly, but I think everyone that attended got a good feel for the sight and was able to start to visualize the potential for our project and the opportunities the site presents.

Where We Go From Here

The next meeting will be in tw0 weeks on November 29th at Goettsch Partners.  At that time we will be reviewing the site visit findings and nailing down the program.   In the mean time continue to think about how the site program will focus on the theme of MAKE-WATCH-PLAY.

Our Site in Section View – Looks Good!

Random Fact of the Week: Polar bears tend to overheat more than to be cold.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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