Team 2 – Week 4

ACE Team 2

Week 4 – December 5, 2017


This week team 2 had the great opportunity to tour the Chicago Architecture Center. Celebrating its Biennial, the exhibition is currently the largest architecture and design exhibition in North America, showcasing the transformative global impact of creativity in these fields. 141 practitioners are features from more than 20 countries, addressing the theme “Make New History.” Students and mentors got the opportunity to tour 3 floors, with 9 stops and 12 installations. At each stop, the guide presented project overview and images, and students received writing and sketching prompts to go along with the exhibit.

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Throughout the experience, students were able to get a new perspective on what architecture means to them, taking time at the beginning and end to reflect on this. Team 2 will be able to use lessons learned and ideas taken from this tour in upcoming weeks when they program and develop their site for the CIRT competition.

To document this experience, Team 2 was featured this week on ACE’s instagram account! Check it out here:

Up next: bubble diagrams; massing diagrams.

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