Team 2 + Week 5

Week 5 Recap

 For those of you that didn’t attend you missed out on burritos!

And we have a winner!  There were so many good ideas for our site that it made it extremely difficult to come up with the main program, but after some internal debate, and multiple rounds of voting we decided that a museum of music would be what would fit our theme of MAKE, WATCH, PLAY the best!  In the following weeks will continue to develop the program and add-on bits and pieces that complement our music museum.

Sam leading the program discuission!
Sam leading the program debate.

 After breaking into groups, we went and looked from some buildings that might inspire our design.  Below are some examples of what we found.

Newseum - Washington D.C.
Newseum – Washington D.C.

Institute of Contemporary Art - Boston, MA


Where We Go From Here

The next meeting will be on next Tuesday, December 4th, at GP.  The theme for the meeting will be Engineering 101 – I don’t know about you – but I am excited.

Remember keep thinking MAKE-WATCH-PLAY!

 Random Fact of the Week: Belgians have tried to deliver mail using cats. It didn’t work!


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