Team 2 / Week 5

Last week the ACE Team 2 students had great fun looking for inspiration to cut out of a variety of design magazines! These served as the springboard for a deeper conversation about what kind of elements would fit well on our site at 31st Street and Kedzie. In turn, we discussed the use of scale and discovered how familiar buildings compare to the size of our site boundaries. Both activities served as a great opportunity for students to learn a practical tool used in the design/construction fields as well as explore their creative side!

MTG 4_3519
MTG 4_3557








This week, we look forward to continuing our discussion of the Focal Point Community Center site and what additional ideas can inspire us. The first pass of ideas includes the following:

MTG 4_3542

  • Learning Center; Playground
  • Pond; Garden; Irrigation; Urban Farm; Recreational Place
  • Auditorium; Performance Space
  • Hotel
  • Gymnasium; Rock-climbing wall; Baseball field; Bike Shop; Skate Park; Jogging Path; Soccer Field; Mini Golf
  • Med Convention Center
  • Clothing Store; Retail Space; Offices; Media Hub
  • Parking Garage
  • Café; Restaurant
  • Mural (make or use existing concrete wall)

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