Team 2 + Week 7

Week 7 Recap

Alright, it’s official – I have no idea what week it is.  I thought last week was week 6, but apparently our past meeting on Tuesday was the 6th or 7th week. Anyways, I am just going to pretend our last meeting was week 7 and keep moving on.

For all of you that missed this week’s meeting, you missed one exciting activity.  The construction mentors gave everyone the challenge of building a structure that could span 6 inches and bear the load of  a soda can.  The activity was set up to challenge everyone’s ability to plan out  a building schedule while trying to minimize the cost of the structure.  In the end, 2 teams were disqualified, 1 team had a good structure, but it failed under the weight of the soda can and one team followed all of the instructions and its bridge withstood the Dr. Pepper can.

Sorry to the team whose photo I didn’t get in – I forgot to take it.

Nice job to all of the teams; all of the mentors were impressed by your efforts.  Privately, we were talking amongst ourselves about how we were worried that we wouldn’t be able to do it either.

The instructions for this assignment were intentionally vague to encourage the students to ask questions.  Remember there is no such thing as a stupid question – they avoid at lot of problems down the road.

Construction Mistakes

Where We Go From Here

Next meeting:

Goettsch Partners office @ 224 South Michigan Ave, Floor 17

5:00 – 7:00 on December 18th

At our next meeting, we will be getting into a topic that everyone is extremely interested in, Architecture.  Some come to the meeting with ideas!  So bring you creative side with you and let’s find out just what the folks at GP do on a daily basis  See you on Tuesday!

Remember keep thinking MAKE-WATCH-PLAY!

Random Fact of the Week:  The observatory elevators housed in the Willis (Sears) Tower are the fastest in the world at 1600 feet per minute.

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