Team 2 – Week 7

Construction Activity

The students arrived eager to finish their structural models to see if their team’s creation could withstand the load test. Their objective was to build a structure that could carry 350 grams, the approximate weight of a filled 12 oz. can of pop. Once the construction period was over, each group presented their structure and spoke to the intent of their design and any challenges they faced along the way. Everyone watched in suspense when it was time to load the structures. In the end, the judges tallied their votes and added up the scores to determine which group met the aesthetic and structural requirements at the lowest cost. The winning group went above and beyond the aesthetic requirements which won over the judges.




ACE Application Instructions 

The students were introduced to the ACE Chicago Scholarship, Internship, and Summer Design-Build Workshops. Each program is available for current students of the ACE program and students are encouraged to submit applications via the website,


Below are summaries of each program provided by ACE:

 College Scholarship Monetary awards intended to support our students in paying for post-secondary education. (Returning students who have previously won an ACE scholarship are eligible and encouraged to apply again).  To qualify, a student must demonstrate:

  • Intention to enroll as a full-time student in a program related to architecture, engineering or
    construction at an accredited college or university within two school of HS graduation
  • Social Security # is NOT required
 Summer Internship  Our summer internships at our member firms are our highest and most valuable awards. Not only do internship winners receive a competitive wage, they also gain extremely valuable work experience in design, engineering or construction management firms, and make important contacts that will benefit them throughout their careers.  To qualify, a student must demonstrate:

  • Proof of eligibility to work (e.g., Social Security #) IS required
  • Availability to work full-time Monday through Fri for at least 7 weeks during the summer
  • Able and willing to meet the conditions for summer employment as offered by employers. Candidates for internships may be interviewed in person or by phone by the hiring company
 2016 Design-Build Workshop  The ACE Design-Build Workshop is an exciting summer program that develops design and construction skills though a 7-week, hands-on summer studio. Entry to the workshop is offered only to select ACE students, who will be solely responsible for the design and construction of a real project with a real client.  Selection includes free admission and an additional scholarship award upon completion.  For more information, please visit
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