Team 2 / Week 9 & 10

For a little fun, the students of Team 2 split up into three teams and were tasked with designing a structure/capsule which might contain a 4″ x 4″ x 4″ cube, span a minimum of 6″ between two books, support the weight of a single can of pop, and have at least two window. There were specific materials available for “purchase” (each team had a strict budget) and time constraints within which they had to design, purchase their materials, and build. This exercise in time management, planning and design thinking skills turned out to be quite the challenge; throughout the construction process real-life issues even arose! After about 20 minutes the “owner” decided the models were too dark thus a change order for a skylight was issued. Later a citation for exceeding the noise ordinance level was issued and everyone had to whisper for one minute. Soon after that a labor dispute arose and, as a result, only the oldest member of each team was allowed to use any adhesives for the next several minutes. Despite these minor bumps in the road each team created beautiful and suitable structures! A great time was had by all and some insight to the full construction process was gained.

IMG_20150120_183016      IMG_20150120_183533      IMG_20150120_183810


The following week students learned and practiced section drawing and how this type of drawing can be using to articulate different, sometime more specific, ideas and information than elevations or plans. Imagining and sketching sections through various fruits and vegetables helped solidify this practice. From there, Team 2 worked to develop concept floor plans and subsequent sections of the performance space in Focal Point Community Campus!

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