Team 2 + Week 9

It’s a theatre!  After much debate and a couple rounds of voting we’ve decided on a broad program for our project, just narrowly beating out the popcorn factory 😉 (sorry Mike and Channen, I know you were really gunning for this).  Now since you all have a nice long break from school for the holidays, it would be a perfect time for a little brainstorming for ACE right!?  I think you all know the answer is YES.  It’s pretty simple and doesn’t even require you to do anything other than to think: just contemplate what our theatre might encompass.  Our site is pretty small so our theatre isn’t going to be a “normal theatre” but it still needs spaces for changing rooms and a sound room.  What type of performances are we aiming to accommodate?  Are we going to need an orchestra pit or a fly tower?  Questions like these will help us to figure out exactly what type of theatre we are creating and what spaces will fit into it.

Ah, the theatre.

Other than a little bit of thought and imagination about our theatre, there’s not much to worry about until after the holiday break!  The offer still stands for turning in some precedent images for candy, so I don’t have to go home and cry myself to sleep after ACE because no one reads my blog.  If at the next meeting you turn in a hard copy of a name, picture, and short description of a theatre you like and why you like it, then you will have redeemed yourself and you get candy.  If not, I’ll bombard you all with cat  pictures until you can’t take it anymore.

In addition, Amanda sent out a link yesterday for tutorials for the putting together your Sketch-up snowman.  It’s super easy (despite Mike’s poor presentation in making a sphere) and it’s good for all professions to know how to use.  I’ll be posting my snowman, and hopefully Mike will too, we all know he needs a little practice.

SO: download Sketch-up for FREE!!!, and watch the tutorials here here and here to put your snowman together, and then email Amanda, and we’ll put your snowman on the blog (or not, if you don’t want it up there).  (PS:  making a snowman might also result in something better than candy, just throwing that out there.)

Next meeting:

Goettsch Partners office @ 224 South Michigan Ave, Floor 17

4:30 – 6:30 on 10 January

Seriously, bring your signed permission slip to the meeting this week or you won’t get to visit the construction site, and trust me, you want to visit the construction site.  Also, there’s that thing about continuing to bombard you with cat pictures.

Just come to the next class with some ideas.  We’ll be continuing to work on the program for our building which will involve some sketching, diagramming, outlandish thinking, three French hens, two turtle doves, and a partridge in a pear tree.  Hope everyone is having a great break and the ACE team is excited to see everyone at the meeting wearing their brand new hand-knitted winter-themed sweaters given to them by their crazy aunt.  See you all soon!

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