Team 3 – Week 8 – Lego Lab

Lego Lab Team


This week the students traveled to the Chicago Architecture Foundation for, arguably, the most fun ACE session possible – the CAF Lego Lab!  Jessie from CAF led the team in a session focused on problem solving within the design process, and the students learned about the concept of scale.

In the first Lego exercise, the students had several minutes to build a duck – with interesting results.  Then they passed it to the person on their left, who worked on the duck for another couple minutes.  Then it was passed a third time to another person… who was tasked with turning the “duck” into a building.  Students discussed building concepts and briefly presented their work.

The second exercise tasked the students with designing a “space” that they believed the mentors would want to occupy; the mentors were tasked with designing a “space” they believed the students would want.  These spaces were then combined horizontally and vertically.  Ideas such as circulation, types of spaces, etc were considered.

Next week, the students are back at Perkins+Will to continue designing their Museum of Social Media!

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