Team 4 / Week 6

For Week 6’s activity, Team 4 met at the Chicago Architecture Foundation’s Lego Studio. The space is open to the public and has open build opportunities weekly. CAF led the Week 6 activity which explored texture, span, elevation, and enclosure. The students and mentors were each asked to build something using the Legos at hand that demonstrated one of these topics. After presenting some of their designs to the group, mentors and students paired up to combine their designs or construct something new that further demonstrated texture, span, elevation and enclosure. With 45 minutes and a huge assortment of white and clear Legos, the pairs set to work. Once the designs were complete, the students were asked to present their structures to the group. The students identified how their designs incorporated the night’s themes as well as explained what their creations represented.

It was so awesome to see all of the designs on display!

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