Our first week, we met at the offices of Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill, the usual meeting spot for Team 7. We played some Blockus over dinner and then got into some introduction activities.

First, we did an icebreaker to relax and start to get to know one another. Everyone grabbed a handful of M&M’s, and based on the color of what was in their hand, shared a tidbit about themselves with the group. Given that it was the night after the election, a lot of students and mentors mentioned watching that, but otherwise, we learned about what types of music people like, something about their childhood, and various other info.

Second, we walked around the ASGG office to learn about the various groups they have in Chicago, see the models and renderings from their projects from around the world, and understand the resources they have in their office (including a shop where people create the physical 3D models!).


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