Team 7 – Week 10

We started this week off with some tangram exercises in order to get us all thinking about spaces and spacial interaction. I think we managed to get them all, but some were definitely harder than others!

Team 7 Week 10 Tangrams

After dinner, we continued to work on the project. One of the AS+GG mentors gave a presentation on bubble diagrams, which are often the first step when deciding how a building or site should be organized and orientated. (If you missed this week, let one of the mentors know, and we can send along the power point slides.)

On an aerial overlay, each of the three groups looked at ways to organize our art museum. What spaces should be the largest in the museum? What pieces of the building program should go on the 1st floor? …the 2nd? …the roof? Where should the museum entrance be and which direction should we orient the building? These are all questions we began to tackle with the bubble diagrams. Teams had ample time to come up with several solutions, some starting with one idea and tossing it out just to go in a completely opposite direction.

In the end, we identified a few trends that we will carry over into future meetings as we continue to develop our museum.

Team 7 Week 10 - 3 Team 7 Week 10 - 1   Team 7 Week 10 - 2


Next meeting: Wednesday 2/11 at 5pm at AS+GG’s office

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