Team 7 Week 14 Recap and SketchUp Models

This last week things got REAL. And by real I mean we split into 4 groups — one for Site Design, one for Building Mass, one for Building Envelope, and one for Engineering. Taking what we learned from our clay massing models, our site analysis and visit, and everything we’ve learned throughout the year our food museum is starting to really come together. The building mass group developed two SketchUp Models. For those of you that want to work on them this weekend we have set up a dropbox account for you to access the models.

To access the models follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Username: acechicagoteamseven
  3. Password (case sensitive): Blokus12
  4. Click on the folder “SketchUp Models”
  5. Click on whichever file you’d like to work on!

When you are done, please upload the file you worked on back to the dropbox saved with your initials on the end. For example, if I worked on the “museum mass” model, when I finished I would click “Save As…” and enter “museum mass_EDH.” Then use the upload tool to return the edited version to the dropbox. It is actually a lot simpler than it sounds.

Additionally, for those of you who weren’t there last week, we handed out scholarship applications. You can download them here: ACE 2012_Scholarship Instructions .  Get it done early!

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  1. Dropbox uses e-mail addresses as far as I know, so I’m not too sure how to log in. I’d like to get at the massing so and help would be great.

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