Team 7: Week 4 – Disciplines, Pt 2 & College Night

This week we started by finishing up the intro to disciplines. We saved the best for last – the engineers! 🙂  Staff from CE Anderson and Jacobs teamed up to give a presentation on several different civil engineering topics, including building structures and transportation engineering. To cap things off, the group watched a time lapse video of an accelerated bridge construction (ABC) job for the Purple Line in Evanston. The design and construction team manager to demolish and install a brand new bridge in one weekend. And we saw it all in about 4 minutes.

After that, we went straight into our College Night programming. To start things off, the mentors presented some data about where they went to school, how they paid for it, what degrees they have, and how many hours a week they work now.

Team 7 Week 4 1

It was insightful to see some of the difference between the three industries. One take away – a Bachelor’s degree is pretty much required to do any of these careers. After the presentation, we broke up into small groups to talk about some of individual stories. The mentors created hand drawn “timelines” for their life and how they got to where they are today. It was interesting to learn about the diverse paths people have taken. There is no one way to get to any of these jobs!

Team 7 Week 4 2

Next week if our site visit!! We will be meeting at 680 N Lake Shore Drive (NOT AS+GG offices!!!!). Attached below are the two waivers that both need to be signed (by a guardian if you are under 18) and the map to get to the site. It is easily accessible via the red line or any of the Michigan Ave buses.

2015 Site Visit Waiver 1

2015 Site Visit Waiver 2

2015 Site Visit Directions


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