Team 7: Week 3 – Intro to Disciplines, Pt 1

Tonight we began learning about what architects, engineers, and construction managers actually do. Each of three disciplines prepared a presentation and/or an activity to demonstrate and explain what it is we do on a daily basis.

First up, the architects. They presented on the typical steps in the design process, going from a concept all the way to final design and completion. The presentation used a number of their projects as examples, many of which are scattered around the globe.

Team 7 Week 3 1   Team 7 Week 3 2

Next up, the construction folks. To better understand one aspect of their job, scheduling, they led the group in an activity. The goal: using a bar diagram, schedule out your morning from when you wake up until when you leave to go to school/work. At first, no activities were allowed to overlap. This seemed really inefficient because of course you can brush your teeth in the shower! But really.. whether it’s waking up or building a building, a number of activities can and will overlap. So we did the same schedule, allowing some overlap, and the whole morning routine seemed much more efficient.

We learned that a schedule for a big construction job can include thousands of line items!

Team 7 Week 3 3


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