Team 7 / Week 5

This was an exciting week for the group because we finally got a glimpse of what the project might be. The students were presented with the three options for this year’s project: a Theater, a Disciplines of Art Museum, and an Educational Facility. (See attachment below for the handout.) Students broke out into groups to discuss one of the three options. We discussed details of each project, and students began to think about how their project would take shape, if that project is selected.

At the end of the evening, students shared their ideas with the group, including pros and cons of each of the three project options. Everyone cast their votes – we’ll find out which project is the winner at next week’s meeting!

Team 7 Week 5

Next week is the site visit!

We will be meeting directly at the site – 680 N Lake Shore Drive, Suite 1320. Please remember to bring your permission slip if you have not already turned one in (see below). We’ll be indoors and outdoors, so please dress appropriately for the weather.

Team 7 Project Possibilities

Site Visit Directions

Site Visit Permission Form

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