Thank you for your support of the 2015 Summer Design-Build

On behalf of the Chicago ACE Mentor Program, our 20 students, and the Santa Lucia School, I would like to thank everyone who has graciously donated time or materials to this year’s project.  The project, or ‘Giardino’, as the students have termed it, is turning out beautifully, and it couldn’t have been done so well without a lot of help!  We have estimated that over $13,000 worth of time/materials have been donated to the school for this project, along with a little inspiration and creative thinking from our students!


Donors Include:

Chicago ACE Mentor Program

Chicago Public Schools Department of College and Career Preparation

Curie High School


Wight Company

CPMH Construction

Ozinga Concrete

Lindblad Company

All-Tech Decorating

Sherwin Williams


Power Construction

Totem Lumber

GCS Supply LLC


Mortenson Construction


Superior Nut and Candy Company


Cushing Company


Adrian Smith Gordon Gill Architecture


Arts Tires Incorporated


And probably several others, whom I have missed!



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