Week 2 Summary: Design Development


  • Finished T-shirts
  • Started Model
  • AutoCAD drawings/SketchUp Model
  • Learned how to use illustrator/Exacto knife


  • Structural Engineering Presentation (powerpoint)
  1. Liveloads (things that move)/dead loads (stationary objects)
  • Foundations
  1. the larger the structure, the deeper the foundation
  2. below the frostline (42″) – min. depth
  3. High rise (80′-90′-foundation)
  4. concrete slabs (3″-6″)
  • tension, compression, bending, shear, torsion (FORCES)
  1. wood(cannot pull)
  2. concrete (compression)
  3. reinforced concrete (Steel rods in concrete)
  • continued models and drawings (computer model, site model, AutoCAD, Stechup drewings)

Wednesday: NO CLASS (4th of July)


  • worked on design for rain collecting structure (inverted Umbrella)
  1. Discussed materials
  2. possible Materials
  3. incorporate seating
  4. featuring an ornamental element (Blend with nature)
  5. Finished Models (site), drawings (AutoCAD)


  • Went to Adrian Smith/Gordon Gill Architecture Firm
  1. Used laser cutter to create trellis
  2. Saw the model shop
  • Visited the Pavillion @ Lincoln Park Zoo-Designed by Jeanne Gang from Studio Gang Architecture FIrm

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