Design Build – Week 03 – DESIGN DEVELOPMENT


Student Summary:

In week 3 we started off with guest speaker, Andy Fossett who runs his own design build company, and he helped us with our design process. Then in the middle of the week we finished up our bigger models and digital models of the project and also discussed any extras to the projects, like a bench, colors, mosaics, or more hands on our 1st scheme. in the middle of the week we also developed a schedule and prepared for our client presentation on Friday. Finally on Friday we met at the library with Jenice Simmons and a few other community members to discuss which gateway we should use and where but they took a vote and it came to a tie.

Weekly Progress/Observations:

* Guest speaker: Andy Fossett

– runs a design build company

* Traditional model ( design Bid-Build) Vs. Design build

* Design Build

– Shortened process/faster

– More well informed on how it will be built

* Schedual and Budget

– Design to clients budget

* Budget

– Tax

– Contingency

– Materials

– Labor

– Design Services

– Space/Buy/Lease

* Schedual

– Plan in advance

– Multi-Task

– Criticle Path (prioritized activities that need to be completed on schedual)

* Finished models

* Developed a schedual

* Digital models and drawings

* Prepared for client presentation

* Visited last years project

* Visited the Richard M. Daley Library

* Talked to Jenice  Simmons (main contact, community developer, rewarding job, make improvements and build relationships with the community, works with block clubs, similar job to Obama, community organizer, masters in behavorial science)

* Friday Charrett

– No decision yet

– Critisism: Maintenence of mosaics, cost, maintenence, loitering, bench, safty, vandelism, 1st scheme taller, more light, colors, position, location

Kayla, workshop participant

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