Week 3 Summary Design Development


-We worked on a schedule and budget with Aash

-Assembled the laser cut trellis

-Worked on site and model drawings


-Worked on CAD drawings

-Worked on Models (clay and physical)

-continued work on schedule and budget


-Worked on perspective drawings

-worked on AuoCAD and SketchUp Drawings

-worked on 1/2″ scale model


-Remade models

-finished the powerpoint presentation

-last minute change in the design

-finalized the drawings

-finished the CAD drawings


-Client Meeting


—Umbrella idea

—location in back

—completion of the path


—children’s planter beds

—save trumpet vine

—adding color to structure behind the latus

—tables at different heights


—Location of structure in front

—filter and overall maintenance

—overflow (capacity of the rain barrel)

—concern of metal chicken wire being stolen off of the structure

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