Week 6 Recap: A visit from Ronald and Site Analysis

We had quite an important meeting Wednesday night. Ronald Trump, cousin of Donald, came to discuss with us an idea he had for a valuable piece of real estate he happens to own right in the heart of the City of Chicago. In order to highlight Chicago’s contributions to food he commissioned us to design a food history museum. As we then learned, the plot of land that he had for us is right where the North Branch and the South Branch of the Chicago River break apart.

Our site and surrounding neighborhoods

With the project in mind, we broke into groups to perform a site analysis. Some of the attributes of the site we considered included traffic, transportation, views, surrounding building types,  amongst many others. One group even started to experiment with different building plans in order to maximize views from the site.

As a reminder there is a small assignment for the week: Research one piece of Chicago food history. Pretty simple! Some ideas: Where did the Chicago style hot dog come from? Why is Chicago style pizza deep dish? What type of food has the most restaurants in Chicago? What food (or food process) was Chicago famous for in 1900? Anything relating to Chicago and Food is up for grabs.

For those of you interested in some more pictures of our site, you can find them below along with some pictures from the site analysis discussion.


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