WEEK 8+9 Recap:

Programming Collage and Diagrams

After our visit from Ronald Trump we have jumped into the programming portion of the design process. In order to help us get started we have taken imagery related to the design of a food history museum. Each of the groups has created a vision of what they hope to achieve. We used these collages in order to understand the type of atmospheres we could create. Not only did we create a mash up of images but we have developed a greater understanding of our site and the impact our project could have.


Now that we have been able to get a grasp of what we envision our project could be we will start working with bubble diagrams. This tool is helpful in understanding how one can begin to arrange the program spatially. This is important because we can begin to see programmatic relationships build up. Some of the characteristics we want to pay attention to are the program: ADJACENCIES, STRATEGIES, FLOW, SQUARE FOOTAGE.


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