Week One, June 24, 2010 Academy for Global Citizenship

Student Summary:

Not only are these kids learning their ABC’s, they are also learning the essentials to live a healthy life. They garden, do yoga, and they also eat healthy food which is grown from their own garden.

When we first arrived, we were greeted by Founder & Executive Producer Sarah Elizabeth Ippel. We were  invited to see a very talented group of 5 year olds called “Flower Power” sing about the numbers 2 and 4. They also sang about princesses. Next we headed outside to the chicken coop. They serve the eggs which are fed to the children also.

Soon later we met with Amy Christiansen, the Wellness and Sustainability teacher at the academy. She discussed with us about what should be in a successful garden and also a successful green house.

After this trip, we now have plenty ideas of what a functioning and successful garden should look like. This is going to be a fun year…

-Erica (Workshop Participant)

Workshop Observations:

  • Rainwater Harvesting

Roof design better with more barrels.

Could it be a green roof and harvest rain?

  • Greenhouse/ Shed

Dual purpose- it may extend growing season

Shelves for all ages to reach

  • Compost does not smell

It may need worms and a drain. Also it will need air

  • Scale

12′ x 24′ is a good size.

  • Raised Beds

It is better to protect against animals

Easier for people in wheelchairs

Better for if it floods

Better soil in ground

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