Design Build – Week 01 – SITE and COMMUNITY DESIGN


Student Summary:

We started the week with practice exercises in sketching. We visited the site to take measurements. We visited the Richard Daley Branch Library, and did background research about West Humboldt Park. We met with Cdot, and had shop orientation. On Friday we had the Community Design Charrette. We met at 9:00 at the Garfield Park Conservatory. Throughout the course of the day we discussed the ideas the community members had. After a long day of designing each group presented several possible designs for the Kedzie side of Chicago Ave.  By the end of the day we had a general list of ideas of what the community members wanted, and we were able to make a list of what the community members want, which includes: the use of hands as a welcoming symbol, lighting for under the viaduct, and bright colors to catch the attention of passing people. During the presentations the local alderman gave his views on the different designs. The Charrette has given us a glimpse of what the community members are looking for in this gateway.

Weekly Progress/Observations:

Community Design Charrette (Brainstorming ideas and bringing them together for one general idea in the design field)

—Spoke to community members

  • Positive outlook on community
  • Colorful
  • Visibility
  • Lighting
  • For community members and visitors
  • Create a destination
  • Want a lasting structure

—Worked on design exercises

—Made collages of mural

—Presented ideas

—Visited Site to take Measurements

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