Week Three, July 09, 2010 Design-Build Process

Student Summary:

The students finished the scale model of the garden site this was done by the build team. Also we had a lecture from Aash about schedualing and the three methods of delivery. This helped everyone to know how to get organized and also to see how far along we are in our project. We also took a field trip to South Shore Chicago Peoples Park where we saw a site that used to be overgrown in plants, and a lot of garbage. There was a lot of gang affiliation on the site because it was very hidden. The people from the neighborhood helped to work together to rebuild the park in honor of the people that died on that corner of the site. Another garden that we saw was also kept by the people where they pay to grow their vegetation and harvest when its ready. This experience was very helpfull to our project in a way that we learned about lighting and how to use the suns power to use for solar panels, also to have ventilation in our tool shed.

Sergio (Workshop Participant)

Workshop Observations:

Tuesday, Aash came for a presentation. He is a developer for Helios design build company. he taught about schedualing and the different types of delivery methods which are; design build, design bid build, and construction manager at risk. He also talked about what realestate is which is actual land with property. took a field trip to south chicago peoples park. We met pat O’Conell and Angela Hurlock both explained the history of peoples park and how it came to be and the different projects in the neighborhood.

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